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Free Upcoming Workshop for Massage Therapists:

Beyond Relaxation:

Introducing Chinese Medicine 

into Massage Therapy

Perfect for massage practitioners who want to expand beyond massage and into into holistic healing, using Chinese Meridians, Five Elements and Aroma Acutouch Therapy in their healing work.

Dates and Registration Coming Soon!

Massage and Acupressure Therapies

Raizelah's extensive background and training in both Eastern and Western massage modalities enable her to seamlessly weave the best of these varied techniques to create a bodywork session uniquely responsive to your expressed concerns or challenges.  

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In-person Continuing Education Classes for Massage Therapists

If you are a massage therapist with a desire to learn and to grow into a provider of Chinese Medicine, you will find here a wide variety of continuing education (CEU) classes in Meridian Massage, Chinese Five Elements Theory and Aroma Acupressure.   

Due to Covid, none offered at this time.

Online Continuing Education for Massage Therapists

If you are a massage therapist and desire to expand your skills and grow into a provider of integrative health care, you can find here a variety of courses in Acupressure, Aromatherapy and Herbs.

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Integrative Yoga and Wellness Workshops

Self-care is the foundation of wellness. These integrative wellness workshops will give you a variety of self-help tools, including self-massage, acupressure, yoga, meditation and the use of herbs and essential oils to relieve daily stresses and maintain health in our complex, sometimes demanding lives.  

Due to Covid, none offered at this time.

Here is what people are saying about Raizelah:

" If you are lucky enough to attend one of Raizleah's courses, even as a seasoned therapist, you will gain experience and knowledge that only comes from someone as well rounded and grounded as Raizelah. I highly recommend Raizelah as an instructor."

Laura Palmer, MHA and CMT at Sutter Integrative Health Center

"I have had the pleasure of taking many massage trainings with Raizelah. She is patient and thoughtful in her teaching, imparting her depth and bredth of knowledge in a very accessible way. She is able to acknowledge each student's learning style, and adjust her teaching to accommodate. Her joy and passion for what she does comes through in her teaching. I would highly recommend any massage therapist to give their career the gift of a training with Raizelah." 

Heather Bishop, MT Supervisor at Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary

"Since I have taken classes, Acupressure with Essential Oils and Herbs, from Raizelah, I have a better understanding of how to help my clients and myself with Chinese Medicine based treatments. The techniques I have learned and am implementing have been proven to be a valuable asset to my practice and my clients. My clients have given rave reviews since I began incorporating these techniques into their treatment plans.

I look forward to continuing on this path and adding more to my professional and personal repertoire. I love Raizelah’s supportive approach to teaching. I will continue taking classes from her until I have completed her entire series."

Tamara McGuirem CA Certified Massage Therapist