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Integrative Health Care:

Acupressure and Meridian Massage

 Continuing Education Programs for Massage Therapists

For massage therapists

who feel called to go deeper in healing...

Our programs are for you if what you want is to: 

  • bring more powerful and effective modalities into your massage practice
  • support clients from a whole body perspective
  • foster body mechanics that will enable you to work in this field for decades
  • grow your massage business and increase your income
  • develop work as a spiritual practice that enables you to touch your clients more profoundly.

With the right tools, you can be more than a massage therapist. You can be an integrative health care practitioner, and become more effective in your work with clients.


In-person programs are temporarily suspended due to Covid. Click her to see Online CEU Courses

Open Pathways Programs

The Integrative Massage Therapist (96 hours) includes: 

  • Basic Acupressure
  • Chinese Meridian Acupressure
  • Chinese Meridian Massage
  • Shiatsu Massage.

The Integrative Acupressure Therapist (144 hours) includes:

  • Basic Acupressure
  • Chinese Meridian Acupressure
  • Chinese Meridian Massage
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Chinese Five Elements Acupressure
  • Aroma Acupressure. 

The Integrative Health Care Practitioner (192 hours) includes:

  • Basic Acupressure
  • Chinese Meridian Acupressure
  • Chinese Meridian Massage
  • Shiatsu Massage, 
  • Chinese Five Elements Acupressure
  • Aroma Acupressure
  • Integrative Five Elements.

Our programs weave together Chinese healing traditions with Western techniques for a truly integrative approach to health.

Open Pathways Program Classes:

  1. Basic Acupressure. 8 Extra-Ordinary Vessels and Acupressure sequences for common complaints, such as: shoulder and neck tension, sciatica, headaches, compromised immunity, insomnia, and much more. 24 hours.
  2. Chinese Meridian Acupressure. 12 Organ Meridian locations and functions on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, as well as potent points. 24 hours.
  3. T'ui Na Chinese Meridian Massage. Massage techniques to balance the Meridians and open the Gateways, or joints, to allow free and abundant Chi flow. 24 hours
  4. Shiatsu Massage. Traditional Japanese finger pressure massage to balance Meridian flow. 24 hours.
  5. Chinese Five Element Acupressure. Physical, emotional and spiritual functions of each Element, as well as acupressure sequences to balance each Element and the relationship between the Elements. 24 hours.
  6. Aroma Acupressure. Exploration of the energy and function of essential oils to those of acupressure points for a deeper, more synergistic effect on healing. 24 hours.
  7. Integrative Five Elements dives deeper into the Chinese Five Elements, with a variety of approach to balance each: Yoga, herbs, essential oils and Chinese dietetics. 48 hours.


Open Pathway's Classroom Location: 

Center for Vital Living

1818 LaPlaza, Suite 104,

Cotati, CA 94931


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