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FAQs about

Integrating Chinese Medicine into Massage Therapy

Acupressure for Common Complaints, Meridian Theory and Acupressure,  Chinese Meridian Massage, Chinese Five Elements 

Theory and Acupressure, and Balancing the Nervous System using Aroma Acutouch Therapy & Herbs

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Open Pathways' classes approved by the National Certification Board in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork?

Yes, all of our classes are approved by NCBTMB for CE hours.

What Covid safety precautions will be taken at in-person classes?  

We ask that students at in-person classes are fully vaccinated, boosted and masked.

Are online classes pre-recorded and self-paced or live and interactive?

Our online classes are taught live on Zoom, giving you the opportunity to interact with other students and ask questions of the instructor. You have the option, however, to enroll in a course and listen to the recordings at your own pace, without the live interaction.  If you chose the self-paced option, you are still eligible for NCBTMB-approved CE hours.  

What if I miss a class? How do I make it up?

All online classes are recorded. Once you are enrolled, you will have access to the recordings of the online classes to make up any missed course content for NO additional charge.  

In-person classes in can be made-up during the next scheduled in-person or online offering of missed course content, for NO additional charge. Or private in-person lessons can be scheduled to review missed course material for an additional fee.

Are there payment plans available for classes and programs?

Yes, there is a payment plan option available for every class and program that is offered by Open Pathways, except the 1-day workshops. 

Is there a homework requirement for Open Pathways' classes?

There is a requirement that you practice the material presented in class for a minimum of 30 minutes per week. You will be asked to turn in a Practice Record Log at the end of each course.

Do I have to be a certified or licensed massage therapist to enroll?

All of the five classes included in Integrating Chinese Medicine into Massage Therapy include hands-on work. You must be licensed to touch people, or currently in school for licensing, in order to participate. This may be a license in massage therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, or any other hands-on modality. 

What supplies do I need to participate in the program, Integrating Chinese Medicine into Massage Therapy?

You will need 5 booklets: Potent Points for Common Complaints, Intermediate & Advanced Acupressure, Meridian Acupressure, Five Elements Acupressure and Aroma Acutouch Sequences, and Balancing the Nervous System with Aroma Acutouch Sequences. You will also need a set of 26 essential oils. The oils can be purchased over time to divide the total cost into 3, 4 or 5 payments.  All of these supplies are available for purchase at this website's store.

For how long will I have access to the digital teaching materials, diagrams, handouts and videos used in the online program?

All of the online program's teaching materials are available on a digital teaching platform, www.OpenPathways.Teachable.  In Teachable, you will have unlimited access to lecture notes and handouts, acupressure point and sequence diagrams, video lessons, and class recordings, which you can listen to as many times as you want or need.  There is no time limit on your access to these materials, and most can be downloaded.

Can I enroll in 1 class at a time, rather than an entire program?

Our program, Integrating Chinese Medicine into Massage Therapy, is carefully designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the theory and practice of Chinese Medicine principles that can be utilized in massage therapy. Each class is like one piece of a "puzzle." When taken together, these classes create a comprehensive roadmap into integrative health care. While it is possible to enroll in class at a time, there is a significant financial savings when enrolling in the program. The price per class within the program is steeply discounted from the price of each stand-alone class.

ONLINE Classes and Program Registration

IN-PERSON Classes and Program Registration