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7 -Day Series: An Introduction to Acupressure 

Are you ready to expand your bodywork tools, but don't have time to commit to a full course?

This class takes only 10 minutes per day for one week!

In this FREE Introduction to Acupressure series, you will receive one 10-minute instructional video in your mailbox each day teaching you not only potent acupressure points for common complaints, but also essential oils that complement the points' functions. You will learn acupressure points and oils for:

  • Depression or Anxiety 
  • Shoulder-Neck Tension and Low Backache
  • Fatigue and Weak Immunity
  • Insomnia and Headaches

Sign-up below and listen to the videos at your convenience! Most of all, enjoy them! 

7 Day Intro to Acupressure Series

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